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Selling via auction provides reliable results at 0% commission!

Some properties are just not best suited to open market advertising. If your property…

  • Suffers with structural problems e.g. subsidence, heave.
  • Is derelict and un-mortgageable
  • Is un-mortgageable due to its construction, e.g. concrete with steel frame, single skin brickwork, etc.
  • Has legal complexities or restrictions
  • Is commercial and long term vacant such as warehousing, farm buildings, commercial units, etc.
  • Has no longer use in its current format, e.g. a redundant public house, water tower, petrol station, etc.
  • Is a piece of land with a limited appeal
  • Is a piece of land with an outside chance for development

Then selling via auction might be for you!

Sometimes your situation doesn’t put you in a suitable position for open market advertising. If you…

  • Have had multiple sales fall through and just want some certainty
  • Are in arrears on your mortgage and need a highly reliable and quick result
  • Need to move particularly urgently
  • Live in a property that is in the list above, but don’t have the funds to remedy the situation

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