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Buy-To-Let Advice

Landlords are attracted by the prospect of a regular income, the potential for significant capital growth, and the “walk up and touch it” security of Buy-To-Let property investment.

The growth of the buy-to-let sector is well known. By investing your hard-earned money in rental properties, you have a physical representation of your investment that allows you to retain control and have more flexibility over your money.

The housing market is becoming increasingly accessible; buy-to let mortgages are readily available to almost everyone.

It will come as no surprise then that given the different property types and locations, as well as your own goals and aspirations and finances, that it can become incredibly daunting to take the first step into buy-to-let investment.  Abbey Sales and Lettings invites you to purchase with confidence, rather than being put off from an amazing investment opportunity.

This is where a local, knowledgeable and collaborative letting agent comes into its own.

Abbey Sales and Lettings can help you with:

  • Establishing clear goals for your investment
  • Exploring your budget
  • Explaining the pro’s and con’s of Buy-to-Let mortgages
  • Ensuring you consider every aspect of your investment and the returns you hope to achieve.
  • Exploring the potential of your property, and advice on expanding your existing portfolio.
  • Identifying any risks in your portfolio or your plans
  • Identifying areas where your property, or portfolio’s performance can be improved

Should you have the desire to find your first investment property, or want to grow your portfolio further, our Property Finding Service becomes invaluable.