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Landlords – we understand your property is one of your biggest assets, and that you depend on it to perform for you for years to come.

Whether you have 1 or 100 properties, most landlords are looking for a stable, long-term, respectful tenant who will pay on time and look after your property.

Abbey Sales and Lettings selects only the most reliable, secure and professional tenants for you, including USAF personnel. We take every possible step to ensure that your experience as a landlord is as hassle-free and risk free as possible.

Good quality tenancies yield the best returns.

We understand that you don’t want to spend your free time dealing with the day-to-day running of your tenancy, so we offer a range of services designed to allow you to choose your preferred level of involvement.

By delivering a first-class tenant, removing the hassle and much of the risk, you can let your property via Abbey Sales and Lettings with confidence. Many of our landlords have gone on to refer family and friends to us, which we take as the highest of compliments!

Why Use Abbey Sales and Lettings?
  • Full range of internet marketing, including to the US Military – there’s more to it than Rightmove!
  • Honest, evidence based rental valuation.
  • We have a genuine desire to find the best tenant for you, not just any tenant.
  • We give advice on cost-effective preparation of your property.
  • All viewings accompanied by experienced staff – We have over 40 years of combined rental experience.
  • In-depth ID and credit checks, including CCJs, IVAs, Fraud and Known Alias reports, alongside landlord and employment references.
  • We’ll brief you on the financial considerations of letting your property.
  • Preparation and execution of your tenancy agreement.
  • We ensure that all required statutory certifications and requirements are in place and met, to protect you and your tenant.
  • We will handle the transfer of the utility bills for you.
  • We draw up an inventory and register the deposit for you to keep your property protected.
  • We can help you to create or expand a property portfolio, and can even source the most appropriate properties for you if needed.
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Many of our landlords engage us to manage their property on an on-going basis. Whether you have a lack of time, perhaps you aren’t local to the area, you want to be at arms length, are unhappy with your current agent’s service, or you find the task of self-management daunting, Get In Touch to see how we can help!

Abbey Sales and Lettings Management vs. Other Agents

Our management service is designed to do the following…

  • Keep the running costs of your property as low as possible
  • Ensure your property performs as well as possible as an investment
  • Keeping the workload of our landlords to a minimum
  • To allow landlords to stay abreast of their tenancy, but not bogged down by it
  • To avoid risk wherever possible
  • To build in measures to limit the impact in the rare event these risks occur
How We Do Things Differently
  • We handle all of the maintenance for you in house. Our maintenance department first establishes where the responsibility lies. We don’t just automatically pass the cost onto you. We try to fix the problem with the tenant, rather than reaching for your chequebook. If we need to call out a tradesperson, we only use our local, tried-and-tested and competitive associates. We don’t centralise or sub-contract our maintenance to a call-centre.
  • We will inspect your property every 12 weeks. Yes every three months and that’s a promise! Many agencies commit to carrying out regular visits, but often this doesn’t happen or less often than promised. We will check your tenant is complying with their tenancy agreement and plan routine maintenance with you, so your property stays smart and safe, and the maintenance cost spread.
  • We collect the rent and pay you promptly. We use easy-to-read statements in clear English, sent straight to you via email. Why make things more complicated than they have to be?
  • We regularly review the rent to keep it in line with the market. This is often overlooked by agents. Instead of ending up out of pocket as rental prices rise, you can rest assured that Abbey Sales and Lettings will be on the ball and work to keep your property performing.
  • We organise regular contract renewals on your behalf. Many agents are happy to let your tenancy roll on into a month-to-month arrangement after the first year. To give you certainty of occupation into the future, we work with our tenants and landlords to ensure stable, reliable tenancies remain in situ.
  • We include full rent guarantee protection as standard. If the tenancy falls into arrears, ordinarily you would foot the bill, but we have a promise. If your tenant doesn’t pay; we will! (T&C’s)
  • We include legal cost and eviction cover as standard. In the unlikely event that you need to evict a tenant, other agencies leave you to deal with this yourself AND cover the costs. We take care of all of this for you.
  • We handle all negotiations with tenants. Sadly, sometimes it is necessary to retain some or all of a deposit, which often creates conflict with a tenant. Most agents will pass this part of the process to you, but we will handle everything for you; you won’t need to do anything.
  • We look after all safety checks and servicing. We will automatically track and renew any safety certification required to keep your property compliant and handle any service arrangements you have.
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